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Making Waves

living a free life


A sponsored Worldwide Swim to raise money and awareness for Fibrous Dysplasia and McCune Albright Syndrome!

what is it?

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Fibrous Dysplasia (FD) is a rare bone disease that can affect any bone in the body.

The severity of the disease covers a wide spectrum. It can affect a single bone and go unnoticed for

years, or it can affect virtually every bone, start very early in life, and result in significant physical impairment. 

Making Waves aims to help improve the physical and mental health of swimmers and raise awareness and funds for FD/MAS whilst strengthening the FD/MAS community.


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All we ask is that you push yourself. Then we realise that we are not bound by the limits we set ourselves when living with a chronic condition. There is a lot we can do with a strong will and the support of others. This realisation allows us to live a much freer life.

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